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Procedures done on dogs and cats are challenging for a variety of reasons, one being that they often don't want to be still while doctors and staff are trying to help the animal. They also have a level of stress that comes from being in an unfamiliar environment. Because of this, the use of anesthesia is a beneficial way to give pets the care they need.

We perform pre-surgical laboratory tests in order to tailor an individual anesthetic protocol for the safety of your beloved companion. We also incorporate a variety of anesthetics in order to ensure the safest protocol for your pet. We use the latest equipment to aid in monitoring heart rate, blood oxygenation, electrocardiography, blood pressure (Doppler and Oscillometric), and use mechanical ventilation.

If you are apprehensive about anesthesia for your pet, please ask our doctors to explain how our anesthetic approach is as safe as possible. Our patients generally rest easier at home the night of their procedure (with the exception of cats undergoing declaw surgery who stay in our clinic for two nights). If further overnight observation is necessary, we will refer you to the 24 hours specialty hospital.

The use of anesthesia is safe, and we are expertly trained in administering it and caring for patients that are under. If you have any concerns about anesthesia for your pet, please call us today. We would be happy to speak with you and assuage any fears you may have.

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